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The Soul

of sacred music

The Soul of sacred music

From the Gregorian chant of the first centuries to contemporary creations, sacred music strives for expressing the inexpressible. In very diverse languages and styles, it contributes to open a gate between the earth and heaven. Endowed with an outstanding evocative power, with a lyricism not only reserved to opera, it sings the human soul in its impetus towards its originator.


In the Middle-Age, Renaissance, Baroque, and later repertoires, sacred music conceals a wealth of treasures. While some are already known, numerous works can happily be revisited by artists capable of grasping the inner soul of this music. Others, some of which are true masterpieces, are still sleeping in libraries and sacristies, waiting to be revealed to the public. This is Psalmus’ mission.


Psalmus is the sacred music label, devoted exclusively to the rediscovery of such a rich and acutely human repertoire.

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Solistes musique byzantine 4.jpg
Les Solistes de la musique Byzantine
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Ensemble Vox Cantoris
Jean-Christophe CANDAU
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Les Chantres du Thoronet
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