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The soul of sacred music

Gregorian masterpieces of the Passion of Christ
  • Gregorian masterpieces of the Passion of Christ

    From the Middle-Age manuscripts


    Les Chantres du Thoronet,

    Damien Poisblaud


    “CD of the month” Radio Notre-Dame, February 2013

    Rated 5 by Diapason


    The silence inhabiting the extraordinary resonance of the abbey of Le Thoronet plunges us back into the sound universe of the Cistercian monks. It enhances, in this recording, Gregorian masterpieces dedicated to Christ's Passion, performed by Damien Poisblaud and the Chantres du Thoronet recreating the radiant vocality of the ancient Latin cantors.


    1 - Benedicite 11’23

    2 - Vexilla Regis 4’20

    3 - Confitemini 5’30

    4 - Gloria laus 5’38

    5 - Christus factus est 3’16

    6 - Lamentations de Jeremie 4’57

    7 - Improperes 11’39

    8 - Crux fidelis 10’09


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    • Media

      5: “The performance of the cantors gathered by Damien POISBLAUD captivates” Xavier BISARO, Diapason, May 2013

      Artistic quality score: 18/20 - Technical quality score: 18/20.


      • “Damien POISBLAUD restores a forgotten way of singing of rich beauty” Yves MARZIO, Hifi-Video, April 2013

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