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Claudin de SERMISY: Saint Matthew Passion (1534)
  • Claudin de SERMISY: Saint Matthew Passion (1534)

    Vox Cantoris ensemble,

    Jean-Christophe Candau


    VERSION TELECHARGEMENT 24 BITS 192 KHz : Fichiers .wav


    Rated 4 by Diapason


    The Vox Cantoris ensemble recovers an original Saint Matthew Passion, miraculously found among the very first printed scores in France in 1534, written by the greatest French Renaissance composer Claudin de Sermisy. This liturgical Passion offers a captivating narrative of the last hours of Christ’s life, switching between plain-chant tales, and polyphonic dialogues, with no additional intervention besides the human voice in its fullness.


    1 - Gloria laus de 2 à 6 voix 11'17

    2 - Le complot contre Jésus et le dernier repas pascal 12'35

    3 - L'arrestation et la comparution de Jésus devant le Sanhédrin 14'58

    4 - Le reniement de Pierre et la mort de Judas 6'20

    5 - La condamnation de Jésus 9'15

    6 - La crucifixion et la mort de Jésus 8'13

    7 - Resurrexi à 4 voix 8'11


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      • “The six singers gather in a carnal sound, that wonderfully restores the sensuality and clarity of the tones” Guillaume Bunel, Diapason, May 2018


      • “These polyphonies are of the highest beauty. They are typical of Sermisy in their clarity and the efforts made to keep the text understandable. It takes all the craft of of a truly great composer to manage in such a way diversifying a musical discourse, subject to such a tight constraint. The transparent sound record leaves voices very expressive.” Hervé Pennven, La Nef, April 2019

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