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The soul of sacred music

Francis 1st’ Cantors Chapel
  • Francis 1st’ Cantors Chapel

    Motets of the Royal Chapel in the 16th century


    Vox Cantoris ensemble,

    Jean-Christophe Candau


    VERSION TELECHARGEMENT 24 BITS 192KHz : Fichiers .wav


    Rated 4 by Diapason

    Rated 4 by Classica

    Nominated at 2020 ICMA International Classical Music Awards


    The Royal Chapel of Francis 1st, king of France at the 16th century, was famous throughout Europe for the magnificence of its music. The VOX CANTORIS ensemble reveals to us some of these sacred masterpieces, mostly unrecorded, that were dedicated to the king by the greatest composers of this time.


    The Vox Cantoris ensemble has disclosed beautiful pieces of work composed for Francis 1st Royal Chapel, or for the King himself, by the hand of Jean Mouton, Jean Richafort, Mathieu Gascongne and Claudin de Sermisy.


    1 - Ave Maria, 5 voix 2'49

    2 - Christus vincit, 4 voix 6'54

    3 - Ave Sanctissima Maria, 4 voix 4'43

    4 - Homo quidam, 4 voix 4'48

    5 - Tota pulchra est, 4 voix 4'48

    6 - Deus in adjutorium, 4 voix 4'02

    7 - Magnificat octavi toni, 4 & 5 voix & orgue 14'29

    8 - Da pacem Domine, 4 voix 8'32

    9 - Salve Regina, 4 voix 9'04


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      • “The nine motets are interpreted with the precision and fine knowledge of the Renaissance repertoire that characterises Jean-Christophe Candau’s ensemble. These passionate artists do not only directly sing from the original edition facsimile: they strive to reconstruct the motets liturgical context, introducing plain-chant antiphons. The very beautiful acoustic of the Notre-Dame du Bon Secours chapel, and the high quality of sound recording, honour the precise and pure musical performance developed by Vox Cantoris for the last twenty years” Nicolas Boiffon, Classica, February 2020

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