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The soul of sacred music

The Cantor’s Voice
  • The Cantor’s Voice

    Vox Cantoris ensemble 20 years


    Vox Cantoris ensemble,

    Jean-Christophe Candau


    DSD64 (2,8 MHz) DOWNLOAD VERSION: .dff files


    « The Cantor’s Voice » gathers the most beautiful recordings of the VOX CANTORIS ensemble, since its inception. From the French Renaissance treasures to the masterpieces of baroque music from France, Italy and New-Spain, this record invites us to a journey through the very epitome of sacred music.


    The Vox Cantoris ensemble has been exploring for years the forgotten repertoires of sacred music, managing to reinvigorating them in their full glory. This disc is the outcome of twenty years of such work.


    1 - Déploration sur la mort de Claudin de Sermisy (Pierre Certon) 5'07

    2 - Agnus Dei, Missa Ave Sanctissima Maria (Pierre Certon) 6'01

    3 - Resurrexi (Claudin de Sermisy) 8'11

    4 - Ave Maria (Jean Richafort) 2'52

    5 - Bone Jesu, orgue et motet (Mathieu Gascongne) 5'50

    6 - Ave Maris Stella (Francisco Guerrero) 8'01

    7 - Sanctus, Messe Susanne un jour (Anonyme) 4'36

    8 - Credo, Messe Vigilate (Annibal Gantez) 11'57

    9 - Agnus Dei, Messe du 3° ton (André Raison et Henry Du Mont) 4'09

    10 - Pie Jesu, Requiem (Pietro Heredia) 2'05


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