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The soul of sacred music

Songs of the soul
  • Songs of the soul

    Works from De Clostre - Kremer - Laï - Pleggi - Rivas


    Les Oréades,

    Carole Ségura-Kremer


    “CD of the month” Radio Notre-Dame, October 2008


    Les Oréades have chosen to express with the greatest simplicity a musical text jointly with a sacred or spiritual literary text, and to represent it in its purest and most archaic state with the help of five human voices from a quintet of a cappella soloists.

    They interpret contemporary sacred work written between 2003 and 2006 in a language which can be understood by everyone, using considerable expressiveness and great nobility to serve sacred texts.

    On this disc you can discover the last three works of Adrienne Clostre before her death in 2006, which constitute a trilogy of evangelical scenes of near theatrical essence. You will also discover more musical works by French, Italian and Venezuelan composers, written on Latin, Corsican, Sardinian and Spanish spiritual texts.


    Les Oréades are five magnificent, expressive, remarkably accurate voices, as beautiful in the solos as they are harmonious in the ensembles. They are voices which bring the works alive. The originality of this remarkable quintet which shows great promise for the future, is founded on bringing the music alive.” Adrienne Clostre, Grand Prix de Rome.


    1 - Les Noces de Cana 3'48

    2 - Les disciples d'Emmaüs 6'35

    3 - Le chant du coq 4'43

    4 - Dio vi salvi Regina 7'52

    5 - Deus ti salvet Maria 7'24

    6 - Ave maris stella IV 5'27

    7 - Cantos del ama 6'00


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      • “Subtle harmonies and perfect rendition” Frédéric Platze, Resmusica, October 2008

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