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Petr EBEN : Job
  • Petr EBEN : Job

    Cycle biblique pour orgue


    Olivier d'Ormesson, Hervé Lamy


    Cavaillé-Coll Organ at Saint-Antoine-des-Quinze-Vingts, Paris


    “Firm favorite” of La Revue du Son, October 2009


    In homage to the famous Czech composer, Petr Eben (1929 – 2007) and for the 80th anniversary of his birth, Psalmus wanted to make this masterly work, a meditation on the organ about the Biblical figure Job, public.


    The first French recording of this masterpiece is done justice by the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Church of Saint-Antoine-des-Quinze-Vingts in Paris which Eben particularly liked, the richness of the tonalities in line with his aesthetics.


    This biblical cycle, which Eben conceived with the alternation between organ pieces and sacred text is magnified by using the most beautiful Gregorian chants of the Mass of Job which render this version of the work completely unique.


    Hervé Lamy, whose recordings of Gregorian chants have been praised by the musical press, lends his voice to these works, whereas the young and brilliant organist Olivier d’Ormesson proves that he is the ideal interpreter of this repertoire, allowing us to enter the moving and deep universe of Petr Eben.


    1 - Destinée - Destiny 4’34

    2 - Lectio Job I 5’19

    3 - Foi - Faith 4’57

    4 - Répons : Si bona suscepimus 1’37

    5 - Acceptation de la souffrance - Acceptance of suffering 5’48

    6 - Répons : Paucitas dierum meorum 1’54

    7 - Aspiration à la mort - Longing for death 6’15

    8 - Offertoire : Vir erat 9’44

    9 - Désespoir et résignation - Despair and resignation 5’29

    10 - Introït : In voluntate tua 2’01

    11 - Mystère de la Création - Mystery of Creation 5’24

    12 - Graduel : Domine refugium 2’38

    13 - Pénitence et entendement - Penitence and realization 7’33

    14 - Lectio Job XLII 1’58

    15 - Récompense de Dieu - God’s reward 7’08


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    • Media

      • “An outstanding piece of work, to be recommended” Claude Ollivier, Paris Notre-Dame, 24 September 2009


      • “Firm favorite” of La Revue du Son, October 2009: “The Cavaillé-Coll Organ is grandiose on its foundation, harmonic richness, and sounding registers differentiation. Beautiful!” Philippe Viboud


      • “The reference version, enhanced by the presence of singing; the sound recording is exceptional” Frédéric Munoz, Resmusica, 2009

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