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The soul of sacred music

Petros BEREKETIS (1680-1715): Great Chant to the Virgin
  • Petros BEREKETIS (1680-1715): Great Chant to the Virgin

    Theotoke Parthene


    Petros Bereketis (1680-1815)


    Les Solistes de la musique byzantine,

    Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas


    “CD of the month” Radio Notre-Dame, February 2012

    “Golden Orpheus 2012” French Académie du disque lyrique


    The Theotoke Parthene is one of the most beautiful works of Byzantine music from the period following the fall of Constantinople (1453), called the period 'of the great masters'. This profoundly moving composition sets to music the angel Gabriel's salutation to Mary in the Annunciation. Beyond serving the words with lyricism, it introduces the listener into a state of inner exultation.


    1 - Mère de Dieu Vierge 5'15
    2 - Salut, pleine de grâce 4'36
    3 - Marie, le Seigneur est avec toi 3'53
    4 - Tu es bénie entre les femmes 5'05
    5 - Et béni 4'49

    6 - Le fruit de ton sein 5'52

    7 - Parce que tu as enfanté le Sauveur 5'32

    8 - De nos âmes 7'40

    9 - De nos âmes 1'15

    10 - Theotoke Parthene 2'40


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