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The soul of sacred music

For a Cathedral
  • For a Cathedral

    Mass, Hymns and Motets from Titelouze, Frémart, Aux-Cousteaux


    Les Meslanges,

    Thomas Van Essen


    François Ménissier, Organ


    “Disc of the week” France Musique, March 2016

    Rated 5 by Diapason


    ‘For a Cathedral’ offers us the testimony of this miraculous flowering of sacred works witnessed by the beginning of the 17th century. The pieces by Jehan Titelouze (1563-1633), father of the French organ, alternate with works by the greatest maîtres de chapelle of the period, which the ensemble Les Meslanges enables us to discover for the first time on disc.


    1 - Magnificat sexti toni 12'07

    2 - Kyrie Messe verba mea 3'52

    3 - Gloria Messe verba mea 3'26

    4 - Hymne Exultet caelum 8'20

    5 - Credo Messe verba mea 6'30

    6 - Hymne Ave maris stella 10'49

    7 - Sanctus Messe verba mea 2'53

    8 - Agnus Dei Messe verba mea 2'50

    9 - Hymne A solis ortus 11'12


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      5: “A splendid and enlightening interpretation. A music with an unexpected variety of tones. What an art of declamation under Ménissier’s fingers!“ Xavier Bisaro, Diapason, June 2016.

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